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Balboa Park
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I grew up in Claremont, California where at a young age I learned that I had artistic abilities. I never did much art as a young adult though, it was always something I did in my spare time. I went to Cal Poly Pomona, where I pursued my degree in liberal studies. After college I got a job offer at Murrieta Valley High School and I had no idea where Murrieta even was, but I took a leap of faith and made the big move down south. I was a high school english teacher for 20 years and in that time I married my Husband, Jack, and had two children, Jessica and Janelle (Nellie). While at MVHS I got the opportunity to teach a photojournalism class where my love for art came back. slowly, I started to draw again. Mostly using pencil to draw barns and old antiques. My mediums have since expanded to colored pencils, fluid acrylics, mosaics,and watercolors. As a mother of a special needs daughter it required me to be home full time and explore other passions in my life other than being an educator.  I am now retired from teaching and I am a artist and mother full time. Art is something I truly enjoy and hopefully I can share a little part of me with you.


custom colorpencil portraits for any of your furry friends.

Our furry and feathered friends are made up of unique strands of hair that are millions of different colors. Pencil allows me to recreate each strand beautifully unlike I could with oil or watercolor. To me a person’s soul is shown in their eyes, our furry friends are no different. I choose to start there and focus a tremendous amount of time to capture their personality, that sparkle that makes them unique and special.   


alcohol ink, acrylic pouring, mosaics, and quilting

I love having projects. If you see me in my studio, I probably have 10 different projects going on, in all different mediums. This is what keeps my passion alive. I don't do well with boredom so I create what is going in my mind. I have always done art of some sort, from creating stained glass windows with my dad, to creating mosaics to go into my garden. Lately I have been creating quilts out of bright batik materials.  I love color of all kinds and incorporate as much as I can into my artwork. 


Jack, Karen, Jessica, Janelle  

I married Jack on August 14, 1993. 2 years later I had Jessica and later Janelle (Nellie). When Jessica was a year and half she got sick and never recovered. She has Lennox Gastaut Syndrome (which is a severe epilepsy disorder). This has not stopped us one bit though. Our family loves to travel and I have gotten so much inspiration from the world we live in. My daughter Nellie goes to Point Loma Nazarene University and is starting her senior year. My family has been built on sports, love and a commitment to each other. I could not love anybody more than I love them.